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What does Pitta Dosha have ? What is it ? | Types &  properties.

What does Pitta Dosha have ? What is it ? | Types & properties.

  • November 1, 2022

According to Ayurveda Pitta oshas is combination of water and fire. Its properties are aliphatic, pungent, warm, odorous, and liquid. That is, people of this nature have an unpleasant smell.

Pitta doshas is located in the navel, stomach, blood, lymph and skin. But the main place among them is the navel.The position of the lymph is considered to be within the skin, that is why after rubbing the skin, the fluid that comes out of it is called lymph.

According to Acharya Sushruta, there are seven types of skin and according to Acharya Charak there are six types, out of which Acharya Sushruta has named the first skin as Avabhasini and the fifth one as Vedani.

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There are five types of pitta doshas which are like this…

1. Pachak

2. Ranjak

3. Sadhak

4. Aalochak

5. Bhrajak

1. PACHAK : – This pitta moves in the middle of the pancreas and the stomach. Due to the form of a fire noun, it works to digest food and divides the juice and feces urine. It also gives strength to the ranjak like pitta

2. RANJAK : – This pitta resides in the stomach. Due to the color of this juice, the pigment is called pitta. This gastric shelter pitta, ‘Hydrochloric acid’ is the gastric juice which is helpful in digesting the food eaten.

3. SADHAK : -The place of this pitta is in the heart. This pita fulfills the desires in getting the desired things through intellect and pride etc.

4. ALOCHAK : -The place of this pitta is in the vision. It is useful in seeing the form, character or shape.

5. BHRAJAK : -This pitta is present in the outer i.e. first skin (Abhasini). It gives glow to the skin. The yellowness that is seen in the dermal fluid is the same pitta, due to which the radiance appears in the skin.


Indigestion, Constipation, Acidity, Weakness of digestive fire, Decreased enthusiasm, Accumulation of phlegm in heart and lungs, Headache, Neck, Jaundice, Skin rash or white spots, Diabetic, Very angry etc.

SYMPTOMS OF PITTA DOSHA IMBALANCE :- Redness, feeling of heat, sweating, rotting, foul odor, depression, fainting, state of intoxication, feeling of bitter and acidic taste in the mouth etc.


Ghritpan, use of pungent and astringent juice-based foods and medicine, intake of cold and sweet smells dear to the heart, wearing throat, necklaces and manios, applying camphor and sandalwood popsicles again and again, beautiful songs,Soft air.

The company of a friend who can give the desired happiness, sitting on a high place made of sand near a reservoir with clean water, living in a place surrounded by green trees and plants, especially milk and ghee to consume etc.


Pitta dosha is one of the three doshas, if it becomes unbalanced then 40 diseases occur.The main place of this dishas in navel To keep it balanced,a balanced diet should be taken fresh fruits and vegetables, especially milk and ghee and hot foods etc.

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